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1. Live in docklands
2. Selection of apartments by parameters
3. Finishing
4. Comfort technology
5. Car-free courtyard
6. Myths and reality
7. About the developer

Live in docklands

Live here and now, spend more time with yourself and your loved ones, new hobbies and travel. Simple, but very important things that are sometimes difficult to implement in a large city. Apartments are a new stage in the development of residential real estate, which gives you time being the most important thing. A qualified management company takes care of the maintenance of the quarter and apartments, as well as the solution of household issues. Docklands offers business class comfort, safety and coziness, quietness and great views just a few minutes from the city center. We do everything so that you can just enjoy life.
Selection of apartments by parameters
Selection of apartments
by parameters
We offer several options for finishing and filling the apartments. Space-planning and interior designs are exclusive, created specifically for the Docklands loft quarter by Zukauskas Architects. Interior solutions emphasize the advantages of the loft style. Furniture and appliances will not only be the finishing touch of the apartment's aesthetics, but will also serve you for many years.
Comfort technology
Docklands is the first apartment project in Russia, the owner of the Green Zoom Platinum Certificate, the highest assessment of compliance with up-to-date standards of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency of construction. We create facilities that we would like to live in. The approach is based on the German technology Passiv Haus: five basic principles that are aimed at creating the most comfortable indoor climate.
Car-free courtyard
The adjacent territory
is completely free
from cars
Do not worry about the child on the playground, see only familiar faces in the yard, forget about parked cars that interfere with the passage. This is the new culture of life and the calling card of Docklands. In the courtyard, there is a Scandinavian-style park: perennial coniferous trees will be green all year round. The outdoor space is equipped with a state-of-the-art playground; no cars are parked there. Residents and guests of the quarter may make use of an underground parking lot and parking areas located outside it.
Myths and reality
Apartments are an immature, promising real estate format that is just beginning to conquer the market. It is the novelty that has led to the emergence of myths related to the conditions of purchase and living in apartments. We have collected the most common of them to help you make a balanced choice in favor of a high quality of life.
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We collected the most common myths to help you make a deliberate
About the developer
Our company is attentive to the traditions of Saint Petersburg, actively participates in the development of the urban environment and the new architecture of the Northern Capital. We create projects with a social idea, not just square meters; we rely on technologies that will be relevant for decades to come.
About the developer