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Qualified hotel operator

We allow for purchase of a real estate that will generate monthly recurring revenue. A Success Sharing program has been developed for owners of the Docklands loft quarter. It compares favorably with similar offers on the market of investment apart hotels.

Basic idea
• We guarantee a minimum income even during the low season.
• Your maximum income is not limited: during the high season, owners of view studios in the Docklands flagship apart hotel earn from RUB 60,000 to RUB 105,000 per month.
• The hotelier’s fee makes up only 10%.
• Expenses and revenues are calculated using a model that allows profits to be increased and costs to be minimized.
• We work on the principle of an open book: every investor receives a full monthly report on their assets and the hotelier’s performance

Tatyana Shashina
Director General
Konstantin Patkin
General Manager
+7 921 322 16 62

Core activities

  1. Search for a tenant for the apartment rent
    - Dealing with online booking services;
    - Dealing with the corporate segment;
    - Processing of direct requests through calls / e-mail / messengers;
    - Dealing with regular guests.
  2. Reception and accommodation of guests
    - Meeting, accommodation and assistance in guests’ departure;
    - Equipping rooms before accommodation;
    - Room cleaning (daily / general);
    - Laundry service.
  3. Ensuring the uniform occupancy of each category apartments
  4. Informing the Owner through the online account
    - Monthly reporting on occupancy and profitability of the apartment;
    - Timely news notification.
  5. Quality control of works and services
  6. Apart-hotel promotion
    - Website support and content filling;
    - Social networks promotion;
    - Advertising support.

To maximize the profit of Docklands loft-building investors, Docklands.Rent Management Company has developed two income-generating program

Success Division
The management company assumes the obligation to perform the apartment short-term rent, ensuring maximum profit to the investor. The estimated profitability amount will be up from 10%* per annum, subject to 70% occupancy of the apartment over the year.
Know more about profitability calculation under this program