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Operating principles

  • Personalized approach.
  • Attraction of qualified professionals.
  • Transparency of all procedures.
  • Long-term partnership with a customer.
  • High quality maintenance services.

Tatyana Shashina
Director General
Svetlana Serdyukova
General Manager
+7 965 033 27 55
Konstantin Patkin
Chief Sales Officer
+7 921 322 16 62

Core activities

  1. Search for a tenant for the apartment rent
    - Dealing with online booking services;
    - Dealing with the corporate segment;
    - Processing of direct requests through calls / e-mail / messengers;
    - Dealing with regular guests.
  2. Reception and accommodation of guests
    - Meeting, accommodation and assistance in guests’ departure;
    - Equipping rooms before accommodation;
    - Room cleaning (daily / general);
    - Laundry service.
  3. Ensuring the uniform occupancy of each category apartments
  4. Informing the Owner through the online account
    - Monthly reporting on occupancy and profitability of the apartment;
    - Timely news notification.
  5. Quality control of works and services
  6. Apart-hotel promotion
    - Website support and content filling;
    - Social networks promotion;
    - Advertising support.

To maximize the profit of Docklands loft-building investors, Docklands.Rent Management Company has developed two income-generating programs

1. Guaranteed Income.
An income-generating program developed for obtaining profitable and stable investments. Monthly fixed rental income payments starting from the first year and within five years. * The amount of payment to investor does not depend on the management company’s possibility to rent an apartment, it is fixed in the registered Certificate to be issued to the Shared Construction Participant upon signature of the Shared Construction Participation Agreement.
Know more about profitability calculation under this program

2. Success Division
The management company assumes the obligation to perform the apartment short-term rent, ensuring maximum profit to the investor. The estimated profitability amount will be up to 14%* per annum, subject to 70% occupancy of the apartment over the year.
Know more about profitability calculation under this program