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Become an investor with docklands
An apartment is one of the most profitable types of real estate for the investment purposes pursuant to a number of objective reasons:
  1. Investments in apartments at the initial stage of construction will be significantly lower than investments in a classic flat with a similar floor area and location.
  2. The apartments cost is growing at quicker rates and it is not subject to the inflation risks.
  3. If you buy an apartment for rent, you get a fully finished room with furniture and appliances.
  4. The apartments are given only with finishing. If you purchase a property for rental purposes, you get a fully finished "turnkey" premises with furniture and household appliances.
  5. Our professional team will be engaged in the entire process: the management company will control the apartments occupancy, solve all technical and organizational issues with tenants, ensure service support for your property.
  6. The entire management process is absolutely clear and transparent: you will be assured of the services quality provided by the management company as well as you will be able to track its activities online.
  7. Tenants' demand for apartments is consistently high due to attractive infrastructure and high standards of service.
  8. This is a ready-made business with possible profitability of up from 10% per annum.