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Selection of apartments
First stage
of construction:
two buildings of DOCKLANDS.LIFE apartments will be commissioned at the end of 2017, construction of the second stage (four buildings) CONSTRUCTION OF THE SECOND STAGE (FOUR BUILDINGS) WAS BEEN LAUNCHED IN III QUARTER OF 2017. TRANSFER OF KEYS NO LATER THAN 30.06.2020
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of apartments
DOCKLANDS loft building cluster
is located in the northern part of Vasilievsky Island, on the banks of Malaya Neva at the extension of Makarov Embankment and represents 6 buildings of apartments created in a single architectural LOFT concept with its infrastructure and services.
At the 2nd stage
of construction
of DOCKLANDS building cluster
there are two
formats available:
buy-to-let apartments
for short-term or long-term rental in DOCKLANDS VASILIEVSKY apart hotel,
buy-to-live apartments
for permanent residence in DOCKLANDS.FAMILY and DOCKLANDS.CLUB buildings (club house - 54 apartments).
Апартаменты в клубном доме
бизнес класса для собственного

Club house consisting of 54 apartments in total

A limited number of neighbors, 2-4 apartments on the floor, ceilings from 3.15 m to 3.75 m. All apartments have panoramic windows from floor to ceiling with an eye to Malaya Neva and the Gulf of Finland. The architectural bureau developed three variants of the design finishing: English, Scandinavian and French loft. Exclusive lobby area, own underground parking. A unique offer of DOCKLANDS.CLUB includes 6 view penthouses with an area of 161.31 m² with 4 bedrooms and an open-space living room. Planning solutions of DOCKLANDS.CLUB are presented for every taste from spacious studios to family apartments with 4 bedrooms (161 m²).

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Видовые семейные апартаменты.
Для собственного проживания
или сдачи в аренду.

115 view family apartments with a closed protected courtyard and an improved walking territory

A single lobby area, two elevator groups, 5-6 apartments on each floor, underground parking. European planning solutions assume the availability in the house of a wide range of apartments with 2 bedrooms (62 m² – 82.24 m²), a minimum number of studios (29.5 m²), and a limited number of apartments with 3 bedrooms (95.28 m² – 95.83 m² ). Almost all apartments have a direct or lateral view of the water area of Malaya Neva, and from the upper floors you can see the panorama of St. Petersburg with an eye to the main sights.

The owners of DOCKLANDS.FAMILY apartments choose one of two directions in which the finishing will be performed: English or Scandinavian LOFT. All apartments are equipped with designer furniture and appliances and are fully prepared for living.

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Готовый арендный бизнес.
Апартаменты для сдачи в аренду.
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Is a hotel in which you can purchase apartments with designer finishing in Scandinavian style and fully furnished

fully furnished and equipped with home appliances, textiles, dishes and accessories.
The hotel rooms include 148 apartments of different sizes: Superior (29.5 m² – 31.29 m²); Suite (49.71 m² – 57.59 m²); Family suite (65.84 m²- 66.39 m²); Connected rooms (64.03 m²).

It will be possible to rent a room in DOCKLANDS VASILIEVSKY apart hotel for both a short-term period (from day) and a mid-term period (from month to year). The owner of the apartment solely chooses the strategy of providing his room for rent, depending on which the profitability of his investments increases. The profitability of apartments when buying at the start of sales will be up to 17% per annum.

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