Яндекс.Метрика Яндекс.Метрика
Во второй очереди строительства лофт-квартала Docklands представлен широкий выбор апартаментов двух форматов:
Для инвестиций
Готовый арендный бизнес с гарантированным доходом под управлением команды профессионалов Docklands.rent
Для жизни
Апартаменты с отельным уровнем сервиса на уровне 4* звезд и выше для постоянного проживания
Сроки строительства

a limited number of neighbors, 2-4 apartments on the floor, ceilings from 3.15 m to 3.75 m. All apartments have panoramic windows from floor to ceiling with an eye to Malaya Neva and the Gulf of Finland. The architectural bureau developed three variants of the design finishing: English and Scandinavian loft. Exclusive lobby area, own underground parking. The unique offer of DOCKLANDS.CLUB is the premises on the 1st floor of “LIVE & WORK” with 6 meter ceilings, which enable the organization of business space on the 1st floor and bedroom on the second level, as well as 6 penthouses with an area of 161.31 m² with 4 bedrooms and an open-space living room.


a single lobby area, two elevator groups, 5-6 apartments on each floor, underground parking. European planning solutions assume the availability in the house of a wide range of apartments with 2 bedrooms (62 m² – 82.24 m²), a minimum number of studios and a limited number of apartments with 3 bedrooms (95.28 m² – 95.83 m²). Almost all apartments have a direct or lateral view of the water area of Malaya Neva, and from the upper floors you can see the panorama of St. Petersburg with an eye to the main sights.


The apart hotel with a finishing, fully furnished and equipped with home appliances, textiles, dishes and accessories.
The hotel rooms include 148 apartments of different sizes:

  • Superior (29.5 m² – 31.29 m²);
  • Suite (49.71 m² – 57.59 m²);
  • Family suite (65.84 m²- 66.39 m²);
  • Connected rooms (64.03 m²).

It will be possible to rent a room in DOCKLANDS VASILIEVSKY apart hotel for both a short-term period (from day) and a mid-term period (from month to year).